WEEPING SILENCE Unveils Captivating Single and Music Video ‘The Collector’; Anticipated Album Release on November 24!

Malta -based melodic metallers Weeping Silence have released their brand new single "The Collector". This captivating track sets the stage for their highly anticipated album, "Isles of Lore", scheduled to be released on November 24 on ViciSolum Productions. The track is accompanied by a music video, which you can watch here:

Drawing inspiration by the Maltese Folklore character "Ċensa l-Mewt", a female entity who collects souls at the end of one's life, Weeping Silence skillfully intertwines the weighty theme with their signature musical prowess. This personification of mortality takes the form of a deaf and blind, old lady wearing an "għonnella" (a Maltese, traditional, women’s head dress) and is only visible to those close to dying. The name “Ċensa” is derived from the noun "ċens" (meaning ground rent) - implying a collection of debt due.

Although the song is one of the more accessible and catchy tracks from the album "Isles of Lore", it actually explores the weighty theme of existential dread and the paradoxical fear of death. In the chorus, Ċensa l-Mewt muses about how, despite all the complaining, humanity still latches onto life and attempts to postpone death at all costs.

The music video was directed, conceptualised and storyboarded by the band’s drummer Julian 'Julinu' Mallia who is also an established visual artist. Using the music as a point of departure, Julian joined forces with seasoned video creator Cedric Vella who handled the filming, editing and vfx in this laborious collaborative project. The music video also features veteran Maltese actors Mikhail Basmadjian as the male protagonist as well as Sandra Davis as Death (Ċensa l-Mewt) - who, together with a small yet dedicated team, were instrumental in bringing the narrative to life.

"Isle of Lore" is the band's first new studio album since 2015 ́s “Opus IV Oblivion” and musically it ́s everything you can wish for in a progressive metal album - It ́s dark, raw, beautiful and epic and will keep you on your toes from the beginning to the end. Since 2018, Weeping Silence has merged its earlier atmospheric Gothic Doom roots with the more eclectic, dynamic and conceptual approach that characterises the current musical direction. For the past four years the band has been working on a body of work that revolves around Maltese mythical characters that have recently been making their way back into popular culture. The rich stories surrounding these characters are unique to the island of Malta and have been passed on from generation to generation to impart wisdom and cautionary tales. The dark thread running through these timeless stories inspired the band to create a body of work that features one character in every track.

"Isles of Lore" will be coming out on November 24 and is available for purchase at THIS LOCATION

"Isle of Lore" track listing:
01. The Watcher on the Walls
02. Serpentine
03. The Collector
04. The Beast and the Harrow
05. Interlude
06. Engulfer
07. Where Giants Roamed
08. A Silent Curse
09. The Legend of Matteo Falzon

Weeping Silence are:
Dario Pace Taliana - Vocals
Mario Ellul - Guitar
Glenn Paul Pace - Guitar
Manuel Spiteri - Bass
Alison Ellul - Keyboards
Julian Mallia – Drums

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