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    Please read the following instructions carefully

    We reserve the right to delete an application it doesn't seem appropriate of the following requirements are not fulfilled

    - You have to be at least 18 years old

    - You are devoted to one of the following genres of music: Folk, Medieval, Classic Rock, Rock, Punk, Punk, Rock, Heavy Metal, Trash Metal, True Metal, Viking Metal, Pagan Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal, Metalcore, Hardcore, Gothic, etc. Also you have large number of songs in your collection.

    - You are capable of streaming at least 2 hours a week (This does not apply for guest hosts)

    - You are able to deal with criticism and you are able to work in a team.

    - You are willing and able to use our Teamspeak.

    Should you pass these requirements, we will invite you to a casting.

    Currently we are searching for:

    - hosts
    - guest hosts
    - review editors


    In order to be able to continue the work at the radio station a contribution of 10€ per month is demanded. This will be used for covering overall costs like advertisement, servers, etc.

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    Experience as Broadcaster:

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