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Sweden's metal maestros, Wormwood, are ready to unveil their long-awaited fourth album, "THE STAR". This monumental work marks the final chapter of their ambitious trilogy, “Trilogy of Death”, which took it´s start with the critically acclaimed gem “NATTARVET” which then led on to the mighty “ARCHIVE”. “THE STAR” takes the listeners on a profound journey through a dying universe, and acts as the last breath in a cosmos we perhaps didn't deserve. Wormwood has cemented its position as a leading force in the Swedish metal scene. "Nattarvet" and "Arkivet", have led the band to national chart successes and several nominations for prestigious industry awards.

In conjunction with the album release, cinematic music videos for the tracks "Starfall" and "Ro" are presented, providing a visual counterpart to the auditory experience offered on "THE STAR."
The vinyl edition of the album is presented as a double LP with a beautifully designed gatefold sleeve that visually complements the depth and complexity of the music.

Renowned metal producer Sverker Widgren from Wing Studios in Stockholm lent his expertise to the mixing and mastering of "THE STAR", to ensure a sound experience that matches the grandiose approach of the band's vision. Wormwood's "Trilogy of Death" is a conceptual journey through historical and existential themes. " NATTARVET" explored the 19th century famine in the Nordics, "ARKIVET" delved into the downfall of humanity, and in "THE STAR", the band reveals the story of the universe's last breath.

Track listing for "THE STAR":
1. Stjärnfall
2. A Distant Glow
3. Liminal
4. Galactic Blood
5. Thousand Doorless Rooms
6. Suffer Existence
7. Ro

Each track contributes to the overall narrative, creating a cohesive and immersive experience for the listener.
“THE STAR” is the last gasp of a universe we didn't deserve," says Nine. "With this album, we invite our fans to join us on a cosmic odyssey, exploring the depths of despair and the peace that follows. It's the conclusion of a trilogy, a story we've been eager to share."

"THE STAR" is set for release on the 31st of May on all established streaming platforms, and physical copies, including the captivating vinyl edition.
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