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STYGIAN CROWN – Sophomore Album “Funeral For A King” via Cruz Del Sur Music – Lyric Video Premiere

Los Angeles based epic doom metallers STYGIAN CROWN return with their long-awaited sophomore album!

"Funeral For A King" is set for release on February 23rd 2024 via Cruz Del Sur Music. 

The follow-up to their well-received 2020 self-titled debut stays true to the band’s sprawling doom template that also incorporates elements of classic metal and death metal. Tracked at five different studios from Los Angeles to Melbourne, Australia, with mixing duties falling onto Mark Kelson and mastering courtesy of Charles Elliott, the album occasionally drifts into traditional metal territory but largely keeps its boots on the ground in doom. 

A lyric video for the track "Bushido" is available at this location: https://youtu.be/vYyhY2S71HM

Epic, massive doom with nods to Candlemass, Bolt Thrower, My Dying Bride and Iron Maiden! 

Pre-order options: https://www.cruzdelsurmusic.com/store
Cover artwork by Kris Verwimp.

1. Funeral For A King
2. Bushido
3. Scourge Of The Seven Hills
4. Let Thy Snares Be Planted
5. The Bargain
6. Where The Candle Always Burns
7. Blood Red Eyes
8. Beauty And Terror
9. Strait Of Messina

Melissa Pinion - Vocals
Nelson Miranda - Guitar
Andy Hicks - Guitar
Eric  Bryan - Bass
Rhett Davis - Drums
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