MEGA COLOSSUS – New Album ‘Showdown’ via Cruz Del Sur Music – New Lyric Video revealed

High-octane melodic metallers MEGA COLOSSUS, hailing from Raleigh / North Carolina, have released a second track from their upcoming new album "Showdown".

A lyric video for "Outrun Infinity" can be checked out here:  

On their fourth full-length, MEGA COLOSSUS matches epic metal grandeur with the hooks and melodies from Rainbow and Kansas! Recorded with Al Jacob at Warrior Sound in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, in early 2023, "Showdown" catches MEGA COLOSSUS in full stride, expanding upon its template of dueling twin-guitar harmonies and gallops. It takes their brand of triumphant, big melodic metal to new heights without forgetting where the band came from. It’s like the perfect sequel to 2021’s "Riptime"- but better! 

But above all else, "Showdown" is the amalgamation of five very different musicians with something unique to offer to MEGA COLOSSUS. It is no wonder, that the album has emerged as an epic display of uncanny and striking melodic metal, with all the depth and charisma of a band now entering its 20th year. 

"Showdown" will be released on January 26th 2024 via Cruz Del Sur Music on CD, LP and digitally. 

1. Fortune and Glory  >>> 
2. Outrun Infinity
3. Grab the Sun
4. Showdown
5. Wicked Road
6. Take to the Skies

Sean Buchanan - Vocals
Bill Fischer - Guitar / Vocals
Chris Millard - Guitar / Vocals
Anthony Micale - Bass
Doza Mendoza - Drums
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