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Chilean Thrash Metal berserkers MAYHEMIC release their album TODAY !

Do you need a soundtrack to crush you inventory?... or a mood booster to hunt down some posers?
If so, read on.

South America in general and Chile in particular have always been a guarantee for violence and metal and a shining example of how to combine the two properly. One of the most promising bands from this snake pit are MAYHEMIC. Sepulchral Voice Records is damn proud to be in conspiracy with these lunatics. 

Before moving unto new heights (debut album to be released in 2024) we first want to confront you with the bands past recordings on a limited 12“ vinyl edition. `The Darkest Age´ is a compilation of all their studio recordings up to this date (Demo / EP / Mini album + bonus). Bestial THRASH METAL from the deepest pits of chilean hell. MAYHEMIC attack with teutonic heart and south american heat. Imagine black Ruhrpott coal burning in a furnace in Santiago or better, if you combine the wilderness of old Sodom, the violence of old Kreator and the precision of old swedish Merciless with the south american volcanic approach, you should get the picture.

Sometimes old blades cut deeper!

Origin: Santiago / Chile
Album: "The Darkest Age"  (Compilation LP with all their previous studio recordings EP/Mini Album/Demo + 2 cover versions)
Release date: 15. December 2023 (today)
Format: 12" LP, black 140g Vinyl, printed Inlay, limitation: 550).

Music/Video: https://youtu.be/n8KsBaxmt4Y

00:00 Volcanic Blast
04:24 The Last Judgement

"Mortuary Feast Of Skeletons" MLP (2019)
07:02 Shaking Ground
10:28 Mortuary Feast Of Skeletons
12:47 Death Spawn
16:09 Mayhemic

 "No-Life" Demo (2018)
19:25 Beyond Hell
23:16 Burn The Cross
26:34 Mayhemic
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