BEYREVRA – Debut Album “Echoes: Vanished Lore of Fire” via Trollzorn Records – Details and Video Clip revealed

Trollzorn Records proudly announce the debut album of German Melodic Death/Black Metallers BEYREVRA!

"Echoes: Vanished Lore of Fire" will be unleashed on February 29th, 2024 on CD and digitally.

With diversified riff and melody structures and distinctive vocals, BEYREVRA have created an record with a somber and menacing tone. Hard blastbeat sections are alternating with decelerated and heavy riffs, and atmospheric guitar solos are following on energetic and complex melodies. Lyrically, BEYREVRA tell stories about the oppression of mankind by religion and the church, partly inspired by historic events.  

Founded in 2018 in Nuremberg, BEYREVRA completed their line-up over the following years. After the recordings were completed in the Mordor Sounds Studio, renowned Endarker Studio took over the mixing and mastering and gave “Echoes: Vanished Lore of Fire” a unique and yet typically Swedish touch. 

A video clip for the track "Beheading the Truth" can be checked out at this location: 

1. Sentenced
2. Path of Baptism
3. Burning Fate
4. New Aeon Rising
5. Erased
6. Fallen Son
7. Beheading the Truth
8. Barren Tales
9. The Hermit's Torment
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